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Our team is made up of seasoned political professionals who have run some of the largest political campaigns nationally and around the globe, and a creative team that has worked on well-known, award winning advertising campaigns for the biggest brands.



Mary Leopold




After a string of successes managing political action committees, statewide and Congressional campaigns, and independent expenditure efforts around the country, Brad Shattuck founded Strategic Impact, intent on building a Republican consulting and voter contact firm aimed at electing solid Republicans to office.

Shattuck began his career helping to reelect one of the most endangered Republican Congressmen in the country in 2000. After securing an 18-point victory, Shattuck moved to Virginia where he worked on the 2001 GOP nomination contest for Governor. From there, he went on to run one of the nation’s largest conservative PACs and oversaw successful independent expenditure efforts, helping to expand the GOP majority in 2001 and 2002.

In 2003, he helped elect the first GOP Governor in over 32 years in Kentucky and ran the campaign for Secretary of State, resulting in the first win in over 80 years for a down-ballot Republican. After the campaign, he worked at the Republican Party of Kentucky overseeing multiple candidates and campaigns.

Following a successful stint at the Party, Shattuck went on to run two other Congressional races before finally starting Strategic Impact. Today, his firm works with dozens of Members of Congress, numerous down-ballot statewide officials, conservative organizations, and State House and State Senate campaigns and caucuses around the country. His work has won the coveted Pollie Award (the Oscars of the political industry), and he has been featured in The New York Times, Politico, Roll Call and a host of other publications.



A seasoned political operative who has worked on over one hundred political and advocacy campaigns, Scott Stone brings a relentless focus on structure and data-driven strategies to Strategic Impact.

Having managed successful campaigns at the statewide, legislative, and local levels, Scott is well-versed in navigating the political landscape to execute winning campaigns in tough primary environments and toss-up general elections. Scott’s unique ability to develop stories that resonate with voters in an emotional way has helped campaigns overcome crises, build robust grassroots efforts, deploy effective data-driven strategies, and most importantly: win.

In 2018, Scott oversaw one of the nation’s largest caucus operations. His efforts helped successfully defend all fifteen Republican House incumbents that drew primary opposition, a first for the caucus. In the general election, Scott’s operation held every Republican district, and picked up five Democrat-held seats, growing the Republican majority to a record number in a tough year for Republicans.

Mary Leopold


From college athlete to competitive bodybuilding to state records in powerlifting, Mary Leopold is goal-oriented and constitutes what it means to win.

Mary is a hard-charging Associate at Strategic Impact with a military background in Naval Intelligence. She has extensive experience synthesizing raw information into actionable intelligence briefing up to Flag-Level leadership, all while maintaining efficiency and collaboration within an organization.

Originally from Texas, Mary received a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and was a collegiate softball player. Shortly after graduating, she joined the Navy Reserves where she went on to manage over one hundred sailors.



Kyle Eason loves people and the stories they tell. An award-winning creative director, Kyle creates compelling stories helping our campaigns clarify their true vision and emphasize their most impactful messages. His work is strategic, concise, timely, and consistent while navigating shifting landscapes with a sense of humor.

Prior to joining Strategic Impact, Kyle worked at Discovery Studios and the Travel Channel, and has written, produced, and directed series pilots, short films, fundraising pitches, and commercials in cities like Los Angeles, Denver, Kansas City, Singapore, London, and Paris.

At Strategic Impact, Kyle creates everything from winning narrative plans, hard-hitting direct mail copy, stunning graphic design, and sticky digital content to white papers, speeches, talking points, and cemeteries full of political headstones. Since 2006, he has produced work for over 100 local, state, and federal campaigns touching millions of voters nationwide.

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