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Who We Are

Strategic Impact is a full-service, national consulting firm that works to tell your story with emotion, creativity, and passionputting you in a position to win on Election Day.


From coast to coast, we have helped to elect dozens of Members of Congress, U.S. Senators, Governors, heads of state, and statewide and local officials. With no margin for error, we go all-in to ensure your success.

What we Offer


General Consulting

We bring sound structure and precise strategy to the campaign, develop a plan from day one that puts you on a winning path, and oversee the day to day, week to week, and overall tactics.

Campaign Branding

Our design team worked on Madison Avenue creating the most noteworthy ad campaigns, and we bring that design excellence to your campaign so it has an authentic, compelling personality.

Direct Mail

Our team produces award-winning direct mail that builds an emotional connection with voters, cuts through the clutter, and delivers your message by persuading, defending, and captivating.


Voters vote with their heart, not their head, and we develop an emotional message grounded in data, the issue sets of your district, and your voice, so it’s unique to you and your campaign.


Voter Targeting & ID

Through phones, texting, and other mediums, we identify and mobilize voters for your campaign through targeted, tested means that always use the latest technology.


Let's Talk

Connect with us today so we can start telling your story, and more importantly, so you can win!

Direct Mail Portfolio

Our mail builds an emotional connection with the voters. Whether it's introducing you to the electorate, contrasting with your opponent, or defending your honor, we cut through the clutter to deliver your message.

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Our Team

Our team is battle tested and passionate about the work we provide. We develop the overall plan, craft the right message, and bring order to the chaos by implementing sound structure and processes with a team that can tell your story and win in the toughest of environments.

An award winning general consulting and voter contact firm.

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