When Texas’s 36th Congressional District opened up, everyone assumed that free-spending millionaire, Ben Streusand, would be the Republican nominee. Brian Babin, however, ran a disciplined campaign that focused on his opposition to Obamacare and the unique story he had to tell by being the only medical professional in the race.

After he advanced to the runoff, Babin sharply contrasted his record of being a small businessman vs. Streusand and his profiting off the foreclosure market in Texas. With this district being partly in the expensive Houston media market, mail played a critical role in driving a message. Babin went on to win the runoff by a spread of 58%-42% and won the general election in a landslide.

For our work on the campaign, Strategic Impact won a coveted Pollie Award for our, “Knocking the Teeth out of Obamacare” mailer.